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    "Error in script line: endsub" - no idea - help plz

    Friedrich Hofmann



      I have worked with subroutines a few times, but not often. Usually I had to pass only one parameter to the subroutine. This is the first intance where I have to pass two:

      - A full path (with a lot of \ - I enclose that in square brackets to be sure)

      - An ending.


      Everything is in place. I use a command like that

      >> sub Dateicheck ($(v_checkfolder), $(v_ending)) <<

      >> endsub; <<

      >> CALL Dateicheck ($(v_folder_to_check), $(v_ending_to_check)); <<


      But I keep getting an error_message "error in script line: endsub". I have already tried some variations on this, but I guess the error lies elsewhere. Maybe in the opening sub statement? (I tried without the $() before because it's without in my other subroutines, too, but that didn't work)


      Can someone help me here? I am Flasche leer;


      Thanks a lot!

      Best regards,