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    Problem with BAPI

    Juliana Campagnolo

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      I have a problem reading the RFC Read_Text through the SAP BAPI Connector.

      Must consult the observation of several batchs, so perform this RFC call inside a loop. When I use the RELOAD function is not returned any results. When I use the DEBUG function, the expected results are returned.



      I compared the log files of the two forms, and noticed that when I use the RELOAD, displays the following error:



      27/04/2015 09:58:34 Error RFC_GET_FUNCTION_INTERFACE failed after 0:00:00 Key = RFC_COMMUNICATION_FAILURE (

      LOCATION CPIC (TCP / IP) on local host with Unicode

      ERROR in conversation found with id 78377726

      TIME Mon Apr 27 09:58:34 2015

      RELEASE 720

      COMPONENT CPIC (TCP / IP) with Unicode

      VERSION 3

      RC 473

      MODULE r3cpic.c

      LINE 9101

      COUNTER 2




      Another difference I found is that by using the RELOAD is generated only a log file, and when I use the DEBUG is generated a file per batch consulted.