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    Resident Table Persistence

    Jason Freitas

      I'm trying to figure out if resident tables persist in a QVW after saving, allowing for future executions to reference those tables. I always thought they did, but I just noticed a problem with an application that suggests they don't (or something has changed in the environment that is causing different behavior).


      Here is an example of how I can recreate the error:


      Create script:



      LOAD * Inline [





      Reload and save QVW.

      Reopen the QVW and note that Table1 exists with one row in the Table Viewer.

      Alter the script (delete the old code) and replace with:



      Field1 as Field2

      Resident Table1;


      Upon subsequent reload, error is:

      Table not found



      Field1 as Field2

      Resident Table1


      Is this normal behavior? In my actual application, I don't actually delete code, of course. The difference is that the equivalent Table1 is built in an IF construct. Subsequent reloads need to reference this table that was built in a prior execution.