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    Add Bookmark web dialog issue - no OK button

    Maxim Senin



      Did someone see such an issue - Add Bookmark web dialog does not work, it does not have OK button and its Cancel button is inactive (please see screenshot below). It was working normally from the day one, but stopped at some moment. Restarting of QV services and rebooting of the HW server do not help. The server version is 11.2 SR10, release 12748.



      If I remember correctly some time ago (two or three years ago) there were some troubles with bookmarks in web mode, but they were successfully fixed. It's just sad to not have bookmarks, if you have some ideas, please share.


      Thanking you in advance.


      Best regards,



      P.S. We have verified all .shared files by QVS.exe utility as prescribed by release notes for SR10 - no issues found. So I just shrug shoulders...