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    Pie Chart Dimension Label

    Mike Czerwonky

      Greetings Experts and Masters,


      I have a pie chart with a dimension with two values.  See example picture file.  I have actually created two pie charts.  One that gives a percentage of members in each group and the other give the percentage of dollars spent on each group.


      I would like to change the dimension legend labels.


      Currently they are CDM Lives and Non CDM Lives


      I would like them to be


      % with Conditions

      % without Conditions


      On second chart


      % spent with Conditions

      % spent without Conditions


      I know I could very inefficiently go into the load script and just create some new fields in the table with these new dimension names.


      I am hoping for a savvy way of editing legend labels


      I also tried creating a calculated dimension, but it shows the formula in the legend rather than the desired labels.


      Hope someone has the answer.