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    Change Fields Dynamically in Listbox based on user selected value in Inputbox?

    Shivendoo Kumar


      When I try to browse my data It is always showing records which are completed. It is not showing record which are not yet completed.


      How I have designed my dashboard is by Creating a Input box named as Date Type and hardcoded 2 values Created Date and completed Date in dropdown list.


      Now selected a list box and used below expression to get Created year and completed Year.


      =IF(vDateType='Created Date',[Created Year],[Completed Year])


      Same way to get Created and completed Quarter, Month and Day of month


      So when I select Date Type Created Date from dropdown then my dashboard should display data for Created year, Quarter, month and Day.


      When Date Type Completed Date from dropdown then my dashboard should display data for Completed year, Quarter, month and Day.


      But It is not working as expected.


      Data Explanation:


      Order Count by Created Date on 26th Apri-2015 is 143

      Order Count by Completed Date on 26th Apri-2015 is 56


      If I select Date Type=Created Date


      and then select Year=2015, Month=Apr Day=26, 27


      I am getting count 56 but I am expecting 143


      If you see current selection box: It is displaying Created Year=2015 and Completed Year=2015 but I have selected just Created Year, not Completed Year.


      If I clear Completed related selection from current selection box then I am getting count 143.


      Please find sample QVW at below link


      How to handle Null Value in QlikView Star Schema Model? and dealing with 2 dates Created Date and Completed Date


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