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    Rename tables in Qlik View with the actual name

      Hello everybody,


      We are relatively new to Qlik View and now had a question:


      We have downloaded several files using the following path:



      [Blocks \ Scanner Data \ CM project Pluskühlung_VTS NP *]

      (OOXML, embedded labels, header lines is 1, table is [Total, Total]);


      There are a total of 20 files. These are now with CM project Pluskühlung_VTS NP - 1 and CM-project Pluskühlung_VTS NP - 2, etc. loaded. But we want to get the actual name.

      This is in the middle of the actual file name on the 31st to 48th in the file name.

      At Google, we have not found a solution to this, with the manual, we also come from nowhere.


      Have ye here any advice for me?


      many Thanks