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    how to change the cosmetic on a chart ?

      Hi, i created this Graph: 

      QV Graph.JPG

      i would like that the values appears on the buttom or on the top of the curve to avoid the overlapping of the values and that the values belows appears on the corresponding charts. Is that possible on QV? if yes could you help me?



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          Piet Hein van der Stigchel

          For the labels of the bars, on the properties\expression tab check values on datapoint instead of text on axis AND in the properties\Presentation tab check plot values inside segments.


          For the overlapping labels of the lines there is no standard solution, but you could use a work around.

          - Copy the expression of one of the lines

          - Uncheck the values on datapoint on the original line expression

          - in the copy use an expression like Dual([NameOfOrgExpression],[NameOfOrgExpression]+0.1)

          - set the background color for this copy to argb(0,0,0,0)


          Now what this does is plot a second line that with an offset of +10% but with the original outcome labels, the background color hides the line, so you only have the labels.


          You could make it more complicated by checking if the out come is higher/lower then the other expression (that you did not copy), but that is up to you. (You can reference the expressions by their name e.g. [Expression name] or with the Column(index) function.