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    Tab Colour on Containers

    Richard Chilvers

      I am using a container with tabs to swap between similar charts. With tabs across the top, users are finding it confusing to know which tab is selected.

      It is possible to change the tab colour, but it is not possible to have different colours for the active and inactive tabs.


      Has anyone got a neat idea for this ?



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          Greeshma K



          It is not possible to change the tab colors based on which tab is active or inactive. One way to achieve is by using buttons instead of conatiner tabs and hiding the charts. You can use a variable that would be set to a value on clicking the button. The charts can be conditionally rendered based on the variable value and the button colors can also be changed based on this variable. Please see attached QVW.




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            Hi Richard


            you can certainly do that but depends how do you required can you please provide the similar chart with demo tab so that i can figure out what exact do you required