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    Visualizing Overlaps between Customer Groups

    Bernd Schütze



      does anyone have a good idea how to automatically visualize overlaps between customer groups?


      Example: Customers purchasing fruits

      14 (all three)BananaOrangeApple
      Banana10 (only banana)20 (banana and orange)12 (banana and apple)
      Orange20 (banana and orange)16 (only Orange)104 (apple and orange)
      Apple12 (banana and apple)104 (apple and orange)5 (only apple)


      I would like to show the overlaps visually comprehensive. On a whiteboard I would do something likeUnbenannt.JPG

      But this does have the issue that if the overlaps (e.g. A+O) are bigger then A, this is not presented visually appropriate.

      I can of course hardcode it into the page, and make the size of the Font dependent on the amount, but this seems so futile...


      Anyone who did something like this in a more automated fashion?

      Especially interesting would be to learn how to accommodate 5 Groups visually.