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    percentage calculation

    Joanna Seldon



      trying to calculate a number to percentage...


      managed to change the format to custom and 0% no problems there, its just my calculation I need help with please?


      I have a number of customers every month, and a bar chart that shows these total number of customers per month for a year


      e.g Jan 1000 Feb 1500 Mar 1300 ect


      but I have calculated too a KPI how many customers had product delivered in 7 days. (done in data load editor and creates the field "Delivered Within 7 Days")


      I want to work out a percentage


      that e.g in Jan out of total number of customers for the month (this case a 1000) how much in percentage of customers had their product delivered within 7 days


      I got a code like this but it just gives me 100% for all months


      (count([Delivered Within 7 Days]) )/  count ([customer])


      Please help


      Kind Regards