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    Trouble with BLANKs

    Friedrich Hofmann



      I have an app with a subroutine where I check the files in a given directory.

      I do this in a FOR EACH loop with a filemask. The filemask looks like

      >> '[name]*.[ending] <<

      where the ending can be either pdf or xls - that is one of the parameters that I pass to the subroutine.

      The code works fine with four ´reports where the filename does not contain any blanks. E.g.

      - Gesamt_Fahrer.pdf

      - 64_Fahrer.pdf

      - 74_Fahrer.pdf

      - Übersicht_Kollis.xls


      I run into problems in the iteration where I am looking at the name of a report that contains a timestamp. It looks like

      >> Thingy_Report - 15 04 29 - 06 30 <<

      Here, my code does not seem to load anything at all.

      I have no filter whatsoever in the LOAD itself, so the error can actually only be that the files do not match the filemask.

      Strangely, though, in the Debugger, every single file of that type in that directory is parsed, but every time it reads "0 records fetched".


      Can anyone help me there?

      Thanks a lot!

      Best regards,