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    Change a value of a variable in Textbox

      Hello Dear Community,


      i have programmed a timer and they counting down the time. (happend in Textbox ) If the Time is 00:00:00 the Text in Textbox will Change to END it all works but in place of End i need to Change a Value of my Variable as u see below




        num(hour(vEndtimer-now()),'00') & ':' & num(Minute(vEndtimer-now()),'00') & ':' & num(Second(vEndtimer-now()),'00')


      'END'  )  & vCheck=1  !!dont work!!! ######### i wish like this   vCheck=1


      i try:  Let vCheck=1 and vCheck =1 nothing works it would be good of it is possible to Change this in the if condition.


      Can any body help


      kind regards