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    Tabular Reports in Sense

      Can we able to developed the simple tabular reports like SSRS? It should have Header, Footer, Grouping, Data sections, computed columns and paging control. I should able to export it any format like excel/pdf etc. Can Qlik Sense able to developed this kind of reports on dashboard? If yes, please explain. I am exploring and evaluating this Sense product.

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          Michael Tarallo

          Hello Kshitij -


          Qlik Sense - is more of a self-service Data Visualization tool, than a pixel perfect report writer. However you can achieve similiar results using a combination of chart objects such as table, pivot table, KPI, and text chart objects, but it may not give you the desired output you are looking for - as you cannot export the entire output yet.


          Printing / Export in PDF is not yet available but is in our plans to be released in a future version.


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          Mike Tarallo


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            Jonathan Poole

            Hi - footers/headers/tables/pagination are all the hall marks of a report authoring tool to produce static reports.


            In Qlik , the product that does this is QlikView NPrinting . 


            The data source for NPrinting is QlikView .  In the future , NPrinting will support Qlik Sense but not just yet.


            If you use QlikView and NPrinting, you will have the ability to create powerful interactive dashboards in QlikView as well as producing static reports with headers/footers/pagination etc..  in NPrinting