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    Problem Using SetSymbol Method in Qlikview and R integration ?

      I am working on qlikview and r integration, below i have written a macro which integrate QV and R.But i am facing problems in passing value of a Qlikview variable to my R script. I have used SetSymbol funcion which vb script variable to r variable.



      sub test


      'Asigning the value of a QvVariable to to V

      set v = ActiveDocument.Variables("vQvVariable").GetContent


      'Creating rcom object

      set R = CreateObject("StatConnectorSrv.StatConnector")

      R.Init "R"


      'creating a varible in r

      R.EvaluateNoReturn "diff<-0"


      'Assigning value of v to diff

      R.SetSymbol "v",diff


      R.EvaluateNoReturn "c<-576+diff"



      ActiveDocument.Variables("vVariableDisplay").SetContent result, true


      End Sub


      Thanks for the help.