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    Set Analysis Comparison with Variables

    Arun Aggarwal

      Hi everyone,


      I am attempting to use the following expression in a measure:


      sum({<Month = {'$(vCurrentMonth)'}>}IntakeBU)


      sum({<Month = {'>= $(vCurrentMonth)'}>}IntakeValue)

      The first set statement before the minus sign works fine. The one after it always outputs to zero.

      The value of vCurrent month is month(today()).

      I have verified that with a sum(IntakeValue) is far greater than 0 with the appropriate months selected. Can anyone explain why this doe not work or recommend a work-around that does not involve hard-coding the values?


        • Re: Set Analysis Comparison with Variables
          Gysbert Wassenaar

          Try this:


          change vCurrentMonth to =num(month(today()))


          change your expression to:

          sum({<Month = {'>=$(vCurrentMonth)<=$(vCurrentMonth)'}>}IntakeBU)


          sum({<Month = {'>= $(vCurrentMonth)'}>}IntakeValue)

          The cause is that $(vCurrentMonth) returns a string. The result is that you compare a numeric month value (because of the >= operator) with a string value. By changing the variable so that it return a number it's possible to use the >= and <= operators. To make the first part of the chart expression work I changed the modifier so it works with the number value of the variable.