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    Scroll bar with continuous option

      In thread 161624 I was looking for an option to have a scroll bar that could continue to move., so it was not restricted by the max value, and could move in quarter percentages, however far you wanted it to go.


      There was an issue with the positioning on the scroll bar which it seems there is no solution as such.


      I have now started working on another option where you can set at which 10% you want the scroll bar to start, but somehow I just can't get it to work. Can someone please have a look at this and give me some advice?


      The example is attached

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          Ruben Marin


          Value for start of slider: =vSliderStart

          Value for end: =vSliderStart+.1


          Also I attach the example with a 2nd option.

          Hope this helps!

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              Thanks, that does help to an extent. I need the slider to move with each click on the scroll bar, currently it stays static on the percentage even though it scrolls through the quarter percentage.It changes to the next percentage on the scrollbar when it reaches the next full number, i.e. 1, 2, 3

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                  Ruben Marin

                  Hi andret, i'ts moving but it has an static step of 0.0025, if you change that to 0.01 it will move by 1% each click.


                  Also, the number is set to integer (or decimal with 0 decimal positions), it creates a glich when moving to x.25%, if you set 2 decimal positions in Number tab of the slider you'll see it moving.


                  Tried to fix it but I didn't find the solution, hope this helps you to find it.

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                      Thanks, I found the same issue, it does work, but now I cannot scroll back to 0% for example when reaching a later value unless i set the start percentage again. I have struggled with this for a while now.


                      See thread 161624. The ideal is to have a small slider that will giving me the option of scrolling through values, eventually I gave up on this idea in the old thread as there was some weird things happening, for example the scroll bar not being in sync with the values.


                      I thought this new option would work but it's too static. I decided for now to have one with values from 0-20% where all points are not visible but in the caption is shows the scroll through quarter percentages.


                      Thanks for the help, if you do have any other suggestions on another solution it would be great, not sure i can spend too much time looking for new options though, the slider is a great tool for setting targets and what if scenarios, but right now it's just not giving me any joy with static steps of 0.0025 combined with percentages.