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    Problem with Formatting text color in pivot table with conditional expression

      Hi everyone,


      I have a pivot table, like below


      class 3451512


      the number in the middle will be called Amount and its sum


      Lets say i want to be able to test one and only 1 cell of this table regarding its values, compare it to a lower and higher value and change the color depending on when this value is situated


      For instance, i want to check the April Class 2. If the value is bigger than 55 then it goes RED, if it is lower than 40, it goes GREEN, else it goes amber. Right now the Value is 50 so it should be YELLOW.


      on the calculated  expression of that pivot, i click on the + , went to Text Color , and applied the following expression :


      if ( Month = 'April' ,

          if ( class = 'class2'

                if ( Amount > 55, red(),

                    if ( Amount < 40 , green(),








      The result is : that number is always Green .... no matter what i do, so it means that it jumped to the second if .

      I tried a lot of possibilities with my formula, and i never be able to make it.


      Anyone to help ?


      thanks a lot