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    How to change Clusters/Markers on the Google Maps Object depending on a value

    Tim Rosser

      Hi community,


      I have the google maps object embedded into my QV sheet and I would like to have the cluster and/or the marker in a different colour depending on the value of the field “Organization” (see attached “GoogleMapsObject”). For instance, I would like to have all the clusters and/or the markers related to the “Australia Post” value in green, the Clusters/Markers related to “DHL” value in blue, and so on.

      What I have done so far is to allocate a “Marker flag” for each value of the Organization field (see attached “MarkerFlag”) and create the script below in the field “Custom Marker URL” of the GoogleMaps Properties (I also tried in the "Measurement" field):



      However, neither the cluster nor the marker change on the map even if I select “Australia Post” in the filter (on the left hand panel).


      Any idea of what I have done wrong or if there is another way to approach this?