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    if Statement not removing rows from Pivot Table

    Neil Deeley

      Hi there,


      I'm trying to suppress rows in a pivot table that don't meet a criteria - in this case, if the row is not an empty string, produce a sum:


      sum({$ < Period-="", [CostHeader]-={""}, [Cost Service]-={""}, [Expense Element]-={""}>} [Amount])


      This works fine for my output:




      The values show the total of my figures, and I`m now trying to hide these until a filter is selected. I've created an IF statement, but it sno longer suppressing my unwanted row, even when the filter is selected:



      Match([SummaryType], 'Actual', 'Budget', 'RollingForecast'),

      sum({$ < Period-="", [CostHeader]-={""}, [Cost Service]-={""}, [Expense Element]-={""}>} [Amount]))





      I guess it's an error in this set analysis - any idea what I am doing wrong?