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    Qlikview Google BigQuery Connector not working

      Hi all.  Thanks in advance. I am attempting to connect Qlikview to Google BigQuery using the BigQueryConnector provided by Qlikview.  I am able to paste the Google ClientID and ClientSecret into qlikview and press Authorize.  That brings me to the google Auth page in browser.  I press Accept and then Qlikview gives me an error saying the Client Secret was not validated. see below. Apparently the OAuth2.0 Authentication page did recieve the verification code but Qlikview produces this error so I can't enter the code into the connect string.  We have tried resetting the google ClientID and Secret and have insured that google is set up correctly.  I'm convinced that the authentication dance is getting interrupted some how by qlikview.  Can anyone please help?  Has anyone successfully written a custom javaScript connector to perform the dance and query data?  Or any other ideas?