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    Searching for users in QMC

    Thorsten Schröder

      Hello community,


      I just upgraded to server version S11R11. On the user management page I noticed that I have to type in the exact windows logon name in order to get a result. I used to be able to type in '*PartOfLastName*' and got a list of results. The same goes for assigning CALs to users.


      I have to add that I recently changed the displayName of users in active directory. Now it is [surname, givenname]. It was [surname, givenname (company)]


      Could this have anything to do with it?


      Which AD fields are used in the search?


      Another question:

      Is there a way to store a list of "VIP-Users" that I assigned with named CALs? So that I can quickly reassign CALs to users after a server restart/crash without having to add them manually.



      Thank you,