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    Damaged/Corrupted Qlik Sense Application

    Guillaume Kaisin



      This morning for an unknown reason, my main application on my Qlik Sense server is unavailable.  The error message says that the file is corrupted/damaged.


      I tried to export the application or to duplicate it without success.  In the QMC I received a "Internal error, check the log file" error.  I didn't find much in the logs :

      • log/repository/managementConsoleLogFile :

      "GenericServerError: Internal error [LOCERR_INTERNAL_ERROR]:Internal error()"

      • log/engine/system_enginLogFile :

      "DOC loading: Exception while loading document B9644CFA-2357-4475-9494-695A3FD6CAFF, possibly corrupt file"


      I don't know why this is happening and how to retrieve some data from this application, at least the data model load script ! I tried to duplicate the application, export it, copy/paste it manually and import it into Qlik Sense Desktop, reload the data via QMC but nothing works.  Everytime I have a "Error, check the log please" message.