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    Damaged/Corrupted Qlik Sense Application



      This morning for an unknown reason, my main application on my Qlik Sense server is unavailable.  The error message says that the file is corrupted/damaged.


      I tried to export the application or to duplicate it without success.  In the QMC I received a "Internal error, check the log file" error.  I didn't find much in the logs :

      • log/repository/managementConsoleLogFile :

      "GenericServerError: Internal error [LOCERR_INTERNAL_ERROR]:Internal error()"

      • log/engine/system_enginLogFile :

      "DOC loading: Exception while loading document B9644CFA-2357-4475-9494-695A3FD6CAFF, possibly corrupt file"


      I don't know why this is happening and how to retrieve some data from this application, at least the data model load script ! I tried to duplicate the application, export it, copy/paste it manually and import it into Qlik Sense Desktop, reload the data via QMC but nothing works.  Everytime I have a "Error, check the log please" message.