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    Missing document in AccessPoint

      This one really has me stumpped. The symptom is that I cannot see the .qvw in AccessPoint although all settings seem to be configured to support this.


      What I have done:

      • Built a .qvw on my local machine and copy/pasted it to customer's server - the same folder as all other .qvws in AccessPoint
      • Checked the folder and file security to ensure the correct users have access to the file
      • I have gone to QMC to ensure the access is enabled (QMC > Documents > select document > Server > Availability > select IE client and Full Browser > Apply)


      Now the issues:

      • I go to Access Point and the document is not visible
      • I open QlikView Desktop > Open in Server... and cannot find the file
      • I go to the file system and open the .qvw and can see and modify everything in QlikView Desktop
      • (I am logged in as the same user for all the above scenarios)


      What setting am I forgetting about??