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    Variables in Inline table in qlikview table using let function



      I have a requirement to show the max of the percent calculated in variables to display using inline tables.

      The max of value can change based on the data, hence using variables.

      Inline is used as the fields are adhoc.


      Attached is the qlikview file for reference.


      Let   vsales1    = $(value1) ; (where value1 = max(Percent,1))

      Let   vsales2    = $(value2) ; (where value2 = max(Percent,2))



      LOAD fact_key,





      (ooxml, embedded labels, table is Sheet1);




      Load * Inline [

      id@ sales

      aabb1@ sales value is $(vsales1)

      aabb2@ sales value is $(vsales2)

      aabb3@ sales values is null

      ](delimiter is '@');


      the expected result :

      expected result.png


      the actual result :

      actual result.png



      Thanks for your replies! !