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    mani ram

      Hi experts,


      which one is the better performance as compare to preceding load and resident load?

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          Have a look here

          Preceding Load


          And in the comments:

          Henric Cronström6 mars 2013 02:32 (en réponse à Hariharasudan P )


          If you compare a single preceding Load with a single resident Load where the two Loads have identical content, then I would say that the preceding Load always is faster. In the preceding Load, the records are evaluated "on the fly" and this makes it fast.


          I made a small test where I had a Load with a few string operations. When I put them in a preceding Load, the script execution time increased by 15-20%. When I put them in a resident Load, script execution time increased by 90-100%. So, I would say: If you can put your calculation in a preceding Load, you should. But sometimes you have to use a resident Load, e.g. after a Crosstable or when you want to make some transformations after a Join.


          However, a preceding Load has a small overhead, so if you have multiple preceding Loads, it will be slower. But if a preceding Load helps the manageability and clarity of the script, then I am usually willing to take a small penalty.




          However i've note better performance with resident load when aggregation or lookups are needed.