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    Week number formatting.

      hi all,


      I have a data of 2013, 2014 and 2015. and i need to select the data of last 4 weeks and display in bar graph using Qlik sense.

      PFA how data resembles in my db.


      I used variables like below,


      LET vMaxDate= '=max(date_created)';

      LET vMaxWeek= '=max(week_number)';


      LET vFirstOfLast7 = '=max(date_created,6)';

      LET vFourWeeksAgo = '=max(week_number)-3';


      The problem is the week number is till only 52. what i needed is, for 2013 it has to produce week_number till 52 and for 2014 it has to start from 53. same for 2015 it has to start from the week_number where 2014 ends,


      To produce the week_number i am using the date_created column in table which has the dates in format  dd-mm-yyyy hh-mm-ss.


      Anyone please help this to sort out  and to get the data of last 4 weeks.