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    QlikView Swtching to different Server

      We are using one server in Europe (server, publisher, QEMC everything there)
      and copying reloaded reports to ASIA server (only copy of report is present



      Now we want to switch completely from Europe server to ASIA server.



      What are the things to remember and steps to do??



      What I can guess is



      1) install QV on ASIA server and get new license key (as we are going to run
      both servers parallel for 2-3 months)



      2) copy everything from C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\
      to ASIA server



      3) how can I copy QEMC scheduler, security, groups, CALs, user licenses



      4) basically everything I need to do to start parallel run for existing
      report on different server






      FYI: We are using QV11 on windows 2008