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    Using NetWorkDays() in the data load editor

      Hi there.


      Is it possible to use the networkdays() function in the load script to generate a new internal field from two loaded dates?


      I've been trying something like:








          NetWorkDays(Request_date, End_date) as Net_work_days,


      FROM [...]


      Where "Request_date" and "End_date" are the names of two columns in my table data containing dates, more or less as follows:


      My current output, when using the function as stated above, are only 0 and 1, instead of what should be expected.

      So I don't really know if it's even possible to use the function the way I'm trying it.

      I've also seen a reply to a question similar to mine saying that it should be used: "Networkdays(date#(In_date, 'DDMMYYYY'), date#(Out_date, 'DDMMYYYY'))", but doesn't work either.

      Anyway, many thanks in advance.