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    configuring ldap authentication on qlickview

      Now I describe my scenario

      I chose "Full installation, Single machine with Microsoft IIS " and i have:


      qlikview 11

      Windows 2012 r2

      iis 8.5


      At first I used Active Directory authentication, and worked well.

      i configure NTLM type on QVWS, NTFS authorization on QVS, with Windows authentication on IIS

      On DSC->ActiveDirectory i configure LDAP://mydomain  , user and password




      Now i used Custom User on QVWS, DSM authorization on QVS with Windows authentication disabled on IIS (and Anonymous authentication enabled on IIS)

      i configure all on DSC->CustomDirectory





      Also this configuration worked well, but i need to use an other external LDAP to authenticate my user and i have many problem.


      Can someone please help me ?



      On IIS a have windows authentication disabled and Anonymous authentication enabled on all application

      On DSC->Configurable LDAP i put LDAP://myldap , user and password


      in DSP Setting i fill all fields except the last three. These are required?

      On QVS i chose DMS authorization




      On QVWS how do I set it up?

      custom user ?




      someone has a manual? advice?