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    QVWS is Down

    Arn Brien

      Hi Folks,
      Hope you are doing well there.

      Here I am stuck at a point while deploying QlikView server in my organisation & I believe I can get better guidance from you on this matter.

      Let me describe the scenario:

      I installed QlikView server in two systems which are in different domains.
      QDS, DSC, QVS, QMS in <domain-1> server-1 &
      QVWS & Access point are in <domain-2> server-2.


      But unfortunately the QVWS which is running on <domain-2> server-2 can’t be up in running in in QMC (server-1).
      However documents are being distributed through QMC into the access point (domain-2).

      Activities I performed:
        . Changed QVWS name & URL to server2:4750/QVWS/Services

        . 4750 port is opened towards server 2 from server-1: telnet server2 4750 is successful
        . 4780 port is opened towards server1 from server-2: telnet server1 4780 is successful
        . Set authorization as DMS

        . All services are up in running from admin credentials in corresponding systems

      I can't see any solutions around .Would you please help me to find a way to get the QVWS up in QMC.

      If you need more information than what I described above then please let me know.


      Thank you..!!

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          Ramon Covarrubias

          what is the difference between QVS and QVWS ?


          as far as I know it is recommended to install QMC with the QV Server that way you can avoid any network connections problems

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            Bill Britt



            You will need to make sure that the domains are trusted.




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                Arn Brien

                Hi Bill,


                I checked with the network guyz. It seems to be ok because those two domains are internal domains


                also telnet server1 4780 is successful from <domain-2>server-2

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                    Jeffrey Goldberg

                    You may have to allow using admin name and password and actually supply id and password in the login tab for the QVWS if you are going across domains.  Basically in the QMC, you want to do the following:


                    Go to QlikView Server Settings Security tab.  Check Allow admin using name and password.



                    Now go to the QlikView web server and click on the login tab.  Enter the user name and password for the service account on the server running the web services.



                    This should do the trick.  Basically whats happening is like Bill said.  Since the servers are on different domains, they can't really talk to each other without authenticating service credentials.  This will enable it to take place. 


                    This is a common scenario when the web server components are placed in a DMZ and they need to talk to the QMC  and QVS which is behind the firewall.



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                    Arn Brien

                    Hello Bill & All,


                    I am adding the latest log of management services(in server-1). its encountered with System.TimeoutException .

                    Should I need to increase the timeout somewhere or other issues can be overseen ? 


                    However QvsTimeout in config.xml of webserver is default.


                    Also attached the log of web server (in server-2) its showing successful connection towards server1.


                    Log of management services


                    Non-critical exception when trying to add new certificate service at https://server2:4750/QVWS/Service:

                    System.TimeoutException: The request channel timed out while waiting for a reply after 00:00:29.9969997. Increase the timeout value passed to the call to Request or


                    increase the SendTimeout value on the Binding. The time allotted to this operation may have been a portion of a longer timeout. ---> System.TimeoutException: The HTTP


                    request to 'http://server2:4750/INIT/Service' has exceeded the allotted timeout of 00:00:30. The time allotted to this operation may have been a portion of a longer


                    timeout. ---> System.Net.WebException: The operation has timed out


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                        Jeffrey Goldberg

                        Ok, so I see two things.


                        1. in the log you directed to me you received a 403 forbidden attempting an anonymous login.  How is the QlikView Server security configured?


                        2. I notice the use of https.  I assume you are using certificates to trust the communication between servers.  Are all of the certificates installed properly using netsh (if using qvws) or IIS  (if using IIS for qlik web services?)  Have you enabled port 443 in the QlikView web server configuration?

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                            Arn Brien

                            Hi Jeffery,


                            1. I am not quite sure about the how is security configured in the servers. Would you mind to guide me how should I approach to check the security things in both the servers, Like if there is some list of checkpoints which to verify?


                            2.Yes, port 443 is opened in both the servers.


                            Thank you

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                              Arn Brien

                              Hi Jeffry & All,


                              While I checked in the event viewer - Windows logs , of server-2 where my QVWS is installed.

                              There I found a warning message of source "QvWebServer" "config error - invalid default qvs: QVS@server-1"

                              At the time installing I changed the default Qvs to the server-1 from localhost in the config file because as per my scenario QVS is installed in server-1, So the default QVS should ref. to server-1.

                              Can you please suggest me if you have any experience how to handle this issue?

                              Is it be considered as the root cause ?

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                                  Arn Brien

                                  Hello everyone,


                                  May I expect some hope on this regards please !!

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                                    Jeffrey Goldberg



                                    I think you are experiencing a problem because you manually fiddled with the config.xml.


                                    1.  If you are manually editing the config.xml file, it may become corrupted.  You want to make changes through the QMC if possible.  If the QMC can't see the web server, manually editing the config.xml won't help. To recreate the config.xml, stop the QlikView Web Server (or QlikView Settings) service, delete the config.xml, and restart the service.  The config.xml will regenerate.


                                    QVS@server-1 may not be the name of your QVS server entry in QMC.  The reference in the QMC will come from the QVS.  This is especially the case if you are using QlikView Web Server and not IIS to run Qlik Web Services.


                                    What you may want to try is contacting the web service from server-1 in a browser.  Open a browser and navigate to http://server-2:4750/qvws/service.  If you go here and an xml response appears on the screen, then server-1 can connect to server-2 web services and your issue with being "seen" is something else.


                                    Please refrain from fiddling directly with the config.xml unless you are trying to set up web ticketing (in which case you should be using IIS and not QlikView Web Server for web services) and need to add whitelisted IPs.  The config.xml from the web server is controlled by the QVWS entry in the settings of QMC.  This is where you should make changes.  They will be applied to the file if access is set up properly.




                                    Jeff G

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                                        Arn Brien

                                        Hi Jeffrey,


                                        Hope you are doing well there..!!


                                        1. If the config.xml of QVWS will be regenerated automatically by restarting the QVWS then the default value of QVS and DSC in the config.xml file is referring to "Local" which is server-2, but our QVS and DSC is running from Server-1


                                        So Please correct me If I am wrong, its need to manually change the default value of <DefaultQvs>Local</ConfigUrl>  to actual QVS server name ; For my scenario 'Qvs@server1' & so with other services like  DSC ??



                                        Also Just to inform you , as I mention on my previous post about "a warning message of source "QvWebServer" "config error - invalid default qvs: QVS@server-1" . today I found there is no such error message found in the event viewer.


                                        2. While trying from server-1 web browser  "//Server-2:4750/QVWS/Service"  is returned with a XML response. So as you mentioned in second point it seems to be server-1 can connect to server-2.


                                        But still frustrating with the same error 'QVWS@server-2 is down'. Then what could be the other reason that QMS can't up QVWS.

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                                            Jeffrey Goldberg

                                            Ok, so the good news is you see the xml response.  The reason you see local and not qvs@server1 is because of this setting here:


                                            System|QVWS Settings|AccessPoint|Server Connections.  Change Local to server-1.  Do this instead of changing the config.xml manually.


                                            Now, even though you make this change, things may still not work.  Can you send me screenshots of accesspoint web page before and after you make this change?

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                                                Arn Brien

                                                Hi Jeffrey,

                                                Problem is that I am able to see not more than only 'Summary' | 'General' | 'Login' tabs in the QVWS setting in QMC.

                                                Attaching here with the screenshot of QVWS setting and QVS setting( servername(masked)!!

                                                Also adding the latest log file of management service.


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                                                    Jeffrey Goldberg

                                                    Ok, we have to go back to my original reply.  Either you don't have a certificate trust between the two system (therefore https won't work) or you need to supply the user id and password for the service account on server-2 that is running the QlikView Web Server in the Login tab of the QMC entry for the web server.  It's one of those two things, likely the latter as I explained earlier.



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                                                        Arn Brien

                                                        Hello Jeffrey,

                                                        Sorry for keep you waiting for my reply. Actually I was out station those days..

                                                        Hope you are having a great time.


                                                        As you asked the root points to check;

                                                        1. I am quite sure that I verified certificate password in 'server 2' which I got in the QMC pop up window.

                                                        and that time it was showing successful. Its very strange that if certificate was verified then why "The HTTP request was forbidden with client authentication scheme 'Anonymous'. --->" is coming ?


                                                        2. Also I checked the options also in place as how you said in your previous reply.


                                                        Really its very weird