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    NPrinting - Conditional Formatting Within a Level

    Scott Holcomb



      I’m having issues with configuring an NPrinting report in Excel. I’m trying to add conditional formatting based on values within a level.


      I have four lines that repeat in a level. Within this level, I would like the values in N9:N12 to be compared to values C11 and C12 through conditional formatting. When the level repeats, the values in N13:N16 should be compared to the values in C14 and C15, and so on.


      When I add the conditional formatting to the template and do a preview of the report, the conditional formatting is all jumbled between various cells in column N, and the compare cells don’t update for the report (i.e. always C11 and C12). I don’t know if this is because of the extra lines required to add the level beginning and ending.


      Has anyone had any experience with a report like this and can provide any tips to what I'm missing?