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    Different Kind of Line Chart

      I'm trying to create the visualization below. I've been focusing in on using a line chart to get this done but all of my efforts have lead to dead ends. It's not a simple line chart where the dimensional values are plotted on X,Y, but more each dimensional value is accumulating for each X axis. Not sure if that makes sense so to make clear look at the chart below.

      Black Line - Value fills to 3,778.9

      Orange - Value "appends" or "accumulats" on top of Black Line value

      Purple - The total of all values

      It's almost like I have to use the BAR OFFSET option on the expression for each value, offsetting each value by the sum of the values that proceeded it ....? Also what about filling in the chart vs. just straight lines.

      Any suggestions for me to try would be appreciated.


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        • Different Kind of Line Chart

          Assuming your dimensions are set correctly then the below should be possible:

          Which is simply a Line Chart with 2 dimensions (1st Date, 2nd the 'row' dim from your table) and a single expression - eg sum(Sales) the Style is then simply set to a 'Stacked / Filled' chart.

          Hope that helps - unless I'm missing something?

          All the best,

          Matt - Visual Analytics Ltd