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    Error variables in Qlik Sense server unexpected result

    Jose Cardenas

      Hi Everybody.


      I'm trying to get more control with the "exceptions" in qlik sense and manage it using the error variables.


      I've placed the ErrorMode = 0 and it's working, but when I've got an error the system variables are not updating in the right value.


      It's a simple test. Code below:


      Set ErrorMode=0;


      LOAD * from [lib://QVDIncFolder (analytics_sense_system)/Test-FB93F7E9-1C98-4024-A387-A67FC7FAFC1D\abc.qvd] (QVD);
      LET vTest = ScriptErrorCount;

      if ScriptErrorCount > 0 then

      exit script;

      //no file;

      end if;


      The debug screenshot:

      As you can see in the previous screenshot, the abc.qvd file doesn't exist in the folder so I expect some value in the ScriptErrorCount or ScriptError, but It hadn't happened, so the code never is going into the if section to manage the exception. In debug mode every error variable is empty or zero


      Thanks for your help