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    How to load data from a specific year.

      I'm stuck on a seemingly easy task. I load data from a table with a date column and want to filter the data to only load records from a specific year.

      I've been trying alot of different variants as candidates for the WHERE clause, all with different errors.

      start_time is the name of the column that hold the date.


      LOAD ....



      FROM "fact_table"

      WHERE Year('2014-01-01')=Year(Date(start_time));

      SQL##f - SqlState: 42883, ErrorCode: 7, ErrorMsg: ERROR: function year(unknown) does not exist;


      let start_date=MakeDate(2014, 01, 01);


      WHERE Year($(start_date))=Year(start_time);

      ErrorCode: 7, ErrorMsg: ERROR: function year(integer) does not exist;

      What am I doing wrong here?