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    Straight Table continuously refreshing on the Web !!

      Hi All


      I have deployed a dashboard on the QlikView server, one of the pages of that dashboard contain two straight tables alongwith a few charts.

      The First Table contains a dimension higher in hierarchy than the second table. Now on viewing the dashboard on the web, the Second table keeps on refreshing continuously.

      If somebody has faced a similar issue, please suggest a way forward.



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          Rakesh Kumar

          Hi Karundeep,

          Because of the way QlikView was built it refreshes everytime any selection is made and also refreshes periodically. This is a problem if the number of records run into 10's of millions.

          The best way to handle this situation would be by applying conditional display of the straight table for example asking the user to select a value in a list box and then straight table will be displayed just for that data.