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    OneAndOnlyOne as a Action

    John Gouws



      I am able to run a macro to select and set a object to alwaysoneselected. See below. This normally happens on Open Document. 


           ActiveDocument.Fields("Report_Date").Select "=max(Report_Date)"

           set fld=ActiveDocument.GetField("Report_Date")

           set fprop = fld.GetProperties

           fprop.OneAndOnlyOne = true

           fld.SetProperties fprop


      I need / want to get away from this practice and rather use a trigger. So how I see this working is to have a landing page with some values and buttons. The buttons are to direct the user to specific subject. On selecting the relevant button, the action can direct a user to the subject and set the alwaysoneselected field for that subject. The part of directing the user to the tab is the simple part. I would appreciate assistance on 'OneAndOnlyOne = true' as a trigger.


      I have looked at the API, but must be honest, it looks like it was written in a foreign code! I would appreciate any pointers on this.


      Thanks - John.