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    How to create a variable for a special date

      I need to read a table within the last week, I am looking for something like:

      LET vStartdate = '01.05.2015';

      LET vEnddate = '08.05.2015';


      LOAD  CreatedAt WHERE CreatedAt >= $(vStartdate) AND CreatedAt <= '08.05.2015';



      Return of terminal was that the error was here:

      LOAD  CreatedAt WHERE CreatedAt >= 01.05.2015 AND CreatedAt <= '08.05.2015'



      I found this, but I am not sure how to fix it:

      The cause is that $(vStartdate) returns a string. The result is that you compare a numeric month value (because of the >= operator) with a string value. By changing the variable so that it return a number it's possible to use the >= and <= operators. To make the first part of the chart expression work I changed the modifier so it works with the number value of the variable.

      Please help. Thank you in advance.