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    Make an Excel-file for showing budget in a bar chart

    Dennis Bos



      We have a bar chart with the hours worked(Y-axis) per customers (X-axis) per week.


      The dimensions are “week” and “customer”. The expression is the sum of the duration of work.

      The data comes with an ODBC-connection from a SQL-database.


      Now I want to create an Excel-file with the budget hours per customer.

      I managed to join an Excel-file by the column “week”. But for the expression I only can select one customer. When I choose to show a combination graph, it shows 2 line: one for the hours worked and one for the budget hours.


      What I would like to see is a line with budget hours in the bar chart for each customer. I want to be able to select a customer and see the budget hours.


      How do I format the Excel-file and make it visible per week/customer in Qlikview in an easy way?