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    Show Only Largest using Dimension Limits Properties.

    Shivendoo Kumar

      Hi Guys,


      I came across the Requirement where user should input values to display largest 10, 20 or All


      I have implemented this by creating an inputbox and created a varaible vTop and named as Top and the set below properties:

      Input Constraints: No Constraints

      Enable Edit Expression Dialog box=Checked

      Pre-defined Values in Drop-Down=Selected

      Listed Values=10,20, All

      Setting for Selected values=10


      Now selected a chart and then went to Dimension Limits Tab--> Select A dimension-->Check the Option 'Restrict Which Values are displayed using the first Expression'


      and then Show Only Largest=$(vTop).


      I am expecting when I select All It should display all values under that dimension (So basically no Restriction)


      How can I achieve this?


      Kindly don;t suggest to assign some junk value like 999999999999999999 when vTop=All.

      =IF(vTop='All',999999999,$(vTop)) This is working fine but It will not take more than 99,9999999. If I try 99,99999991, It is giving Message No Data to display.


      I am looking for any other Alternates.


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