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    Section access based on session attributes

    Daniel Peger

      I'm wondering if it is possible in Qlik Sense to use section access based on a user's session attributes.


      We are currently using session attributes in Qlik Sense to grant user access to certain streams by attaching a corresponding security rule to the stream:



      By using the QPS addSession method one can attach arbitrary attributes to a user session:


      "UserDirectory": "QLIK",

      "UserId": "someUser",

      "Attributes": [ { "applicationId": "my1stQlikApplication" }, { "applicationId": "my2ndQlikApplication" }, ... ],

      "SessionId": "random UUID"

      Given the above addSession-Request the user QLIK\someUser would be able to access a stream with the mentioned security rule.


      Is it possible to evaluate these session attributes in an application's load script (i.e. to implement row level security using section access)? And if 'yes', how?