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    Edit QVW opened with Desktop from Server

    Paul Steinborn

      Dear Community,


      our developers want to edit QVW files (that lay on the server) with the desktop application. How is that possible?

      I read somewhere here @ forum that "open in server" QVW files are always read only.


      But a server would be useless if a developer cant modify the hosted qvw and deploy it back?


      Please help

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          Paul Steinborn

          Actuall the one way i found out is to open it from the server once.

          Then we get a license lease and after that we can open the document directly from the server with the desktop application. But this is a really poor use case, as not all useres have the hardware a server has, and so they cant open the file on their machines.


          Any ideas how a file can be edited on the server??

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              Peter Cammaert

              Well, your so called "poor" use case is always better than the alternatives (which amount to even worse use cases):

              • Your developer one-way-or-another (using the method you seem to prefer) opens a document on the server and saves a copy that contains "issues". Your end-users are stuck: they cannot work with the document and the document may not reload anymore due to problems in the load script. Dire situation...
              • Eager to fix previous mistakes, your developer again opens the document on the server and inadvertently starts a reload with bad coding: a cartesian product between two large tables eats all memory and brings the server to a halt. Game Over.


              There must be a separation between the development and so-called production environment, either by offloading development to individual developer PC's or by separating servers (for example 1 machine hosting QlikView DEVelopment and ACCeptance and 1 machine hosting PRODuction which nobody touches)


              If you will be offloading development, the developer PC's should have enough resources to develop and test the documents that the business needs, meaning that they should have identical connections to all data sources, a suitable CPU and considerable amounts of RAM. This is the only group of QlikView users that should get additional resources.


              End-users and administrators on the other hand have no extra requirements, as they will be using web applications to visit, configure and manage documents.





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              Mohamed Ahid

              its impossible with desktop client you can juste read only the file hosted on the server ,it operats like internet exporer plugin .

              now if you need to modify the applications , you need to have open acces to the drive (or documents )  where the applications are hosted .You can open them with the desktop and after that save tthem there .

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                Install Desktop version in Server and release license.Have access to Server via Remote Desktop Connection and then can work on the edit. But its highly not recommended