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    google timeline / gantt chart

    Joanna Seldon





      decided to download the google timeline / gantt chart from the qlik branch.


      have got it all working except time scale issue


      I have a start date and an end date... the issue I have is even though my end date is august... the chart is continuing to and showing customer records until November this year. I checked the records using a display table and record is correct...


      is there a way of declaring in my dimensions that OrderDate is my start date, and OrderCompletedDate is my end date?


      any ideas?




      can this Files for creation of a Gantt chart be done in qlik sense instead? - I have had ago, but the range at the bottom X axis is working correct,  - using Min OrderDate ...Max CompleteOrderDate but Y is got dates running top to bottom and don't understand why? and the date is starting from 1900


      kind Regards