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    About Version 9 macro , chart size and OCX

      Dear all,

      I meet with some strange problems when i use version 9.

      1. After reloading a cube, all the macro seems doesn't work suddenly. I have to reopen the cube for several times, then it will recover. It happened quite frequently, especially in OCX. Sometimes i even have to reset all the macro.

      2. After reloading a cube in OCX, some list box size will change , most like shrink, even though i untick 'Size to Data'. But if I close the cube and open again, or reload again, it will change back to the original setting.

      3.After using, clicking around the selection in cube for a while in OCX , the macro will stop working. Same thing, i have to reopen the cube, then it works.

      These problems are annoying me the whole day...:(. Does anyone have the same problem? How to fix it?

      Thanks a lot