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    Qlikview Pivot



      I made a pivot to show two surgeons' supplies utilization. I want to show the number of cases in each row as a percent of the total cases. The formula I used will work if one surgeon is selected but If I select more than one it returns blank/zero. Does anyone know how to write a formula that will populate the "% of Total Vol" column? The Spreadsheet is below.




      SurgeonSurgeon 1Surgeon 2
      MPC DescriptionCasesMPC Units Per CaseCost Per MPC%of Total VolCasesMPC Units Per CaseCost Per MPC% of Total Vol
      TISSUE STRATTICEFO11100-----
      TISSUE STRATTICE ADE2134,765-21235-
      TISSUE STRAARS TTICE11786-----
      ALLODERMISM  RTMTHICK21987-116,753-
      GRAFTER ALLODERM215,674-114,563-
      ALLODERM RTYTM41234-319,865-
      GRAFT ALLOD423ERM22765-----
      MESH WOUND VRMATRIX----128,797-
      STEM FEM STANDARD128,765-----
      Total15 8