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    Substituting a Field Value in a Set Analysis Expression

    Alec Smith



      I have a situation where I need to compute cancelled quantity based off a different calendar from the Master Calendar. Invoice reporting is based on the following Master Calendar:


      Master Calendar:

      • InvYear
      • InvMonth
      • InvoiceDate


      Cancelled orders reporting is based on the following orders calendar:


      Orders Calendar:

      • SOYear
      • SOMonth
      • OrderDate


      I am trying to use the following set expression to sum cancelled quantity per month based in the Orders Calendar. 


      =Sum({$<SOMonth={‘Jan’}, SOYear={"Selected Invoice Year"}>} CancelledQty)


      Question, is there a set modifier function that allows the use of  "Master Calendar” where, as I select a year from the Master Calendar, the value of the year (i.e. 2015) is used as the parameter for the SOYear={"Selected Invoice Year"} set modifier? 


      Thank you in advance for any assistance with this question.