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    Building un hierarchical groupings?

      Hi Guys,


      Rather new to Qlik Sense so appreciate any advice I can get


      Having about 1500K records and 70K distinct products I need to build a set of 30 groupings based on different criteria’s and there is no given hierarchy - data is updated on a monthly basis (possibly weekly soon). E.g. Groups like Spanish Wines mix with Red Wines and Premium Vodka etc. Metrics are Volume and Sales primary.


      My idea is to use similar logic as in master calendars and I would assign Boolean to each of these groupings in a separate table linked back via unique itemID. Then having columns in that table of Red Wine, Spanish Wine, Premium vodka etc.


      Reason for having separate column is that there is a need to compare or more correctly list things like

      Type                    YTD     Last YTD etc

      Spanish Wine

      Red Wine

      Premium Vodka


      Thanks a lot