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    Poor Performance because of Nested If-Else

    Mrudul K

      Hi All,


      We have a requirement, in which we have to choose the Dimensions as per selection in MultiBox values.

      PFA, the demo application, in which I have created two Text Objects, one is "DrillDown Value" which indicates the value of one dimension and "Even DrillDown Value" which indicates the second Dimension Value.


      Both the expressions in the Text Object has Nested If-Else statements, because of which we are facing poor performance issues.


      We have tried -

           1>     DrillDown Object, for DrillDown Value, but it fails, when there is a single value in the child, it directly moves to GrandChild Value.

           2>     We thought to have CASE statements in Script, but it may not be possible, as we want the value to come as per selection from User.


      Could you please provide any workaround for both the expressions.


      Thanks & Regards,