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    Nprinting Refresh Objects is same as Reload TASK?

    Avinash Jain

      do I need to know in advance the name of the QVWS to which I need connection to?


      For example : -> If in development env  I am working in A.qvw and deploy the file in Prod env then it is mandatory to have the same named QVW(i: A.qvw) to trigger Nprinting task.


      Otherwise it will fail. Am I right?



      But as you know we don’t have fixed naming convention and it depends on Market Name.



      Is there any way to keep name of QVW’s in a variable and use the variable with source path to make connection?Is there any approach like this.



      2)As you know that after connection we need to manually refresh Objects to import all the data .Is Reload Task is same as this Refresh Object list?


      If Yes ,then Again here also how can I loop  with multiple connection so that each qvws documents gets reloaded with updated data?






      Can you please suggest/advise how to handle this?