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    Variable Tutorial and basic overview

      Hi All,


      I am looking for a resource that will serve as a foundation to understanding variables in Qlikview, when to use them, when to use Set vs Let, and how to use in formulas. I have found the below, but I was wondering if there is a better resource.


      In my own script I am trying to create a variable that will store certain states that if shipped from a certain DC, would be classified as "over fence" shipments


      My attempts that are failing:


      Set vDC1OverFenceState= 'CA;OR;WA;ID;NV;AZ;AK;HI;UT;MT;WY;CO;NM;TX';



      IF(WH='DC1' and [SHIP TO STATE]= $(vDC1OverFenceState),1,0) as N7OverFence,

      IF(WH='DC2' and [SHIP TO STATE]= $(vDC2OverFenceState),1,0) as L7OverFence,


      I am thinking I need to use peek somehow, but something is missing in my logic. Any assistance appreciated.


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